Youth is a film with old people farting philosophy, beauty in silence, mixed with beautiful cinematic imagery reflecting meaning. There are moments of influences from the Italian Director Fellini that splash into the film

Michael Caine plays a retired music composer and Harvey Keitel a film Director searching for his next film, both have a wonderful chemistry on screen, one apathetic versus a belief in the magic of life – two old male best friends losing a future and forgetting the past. The title of the film ‘Youth’ is simply the metaphor and meaning of the film

Set in a vacation health spa in the Swiss Alps. The two geriatric central characters are surrounded by an interesting cast of characters, from a Buddhist monk , a young male actor searching for desire, a daughter in mid life crisis looking for understanding, to an ageing actress ( startling portrayal by Jane Fonda), and other snippets of lives from Hotel Staff to Hotel guests, even the stunning Miss Universe makes an appearance

Watching Youth, I found a philosophic meaning that moved me emotionally. Those same personal responses people may also find pretentious accusing the film of being too melodramatic. There are definite missteps that will jar your experience in the film. This is a review that comes with some warning, but it is also well worth the experience