Gorilla Voice Media (formally Global Voice Media) have been producing quality online media and providing digital services since 2002. Our first production was WorldDJ.com, which grew to become the world’s largest social network and online magazine for the global electronic music and nightlife community – including a membership of some 300,000 DJs, producers and music lovers from around the globe.

In recent years Gorilla Voice has moved into developing a network of podcasts. NZ Tech Podcast was launched in early 2011 and by it’s third episode had become the leading podcast in New Zealand – gaining the coveted #1 slot on the NZ  iTunes Podcast charts.

In 2013 the NZ Digital Podcast and NZ Business Podcast both launched – the first focused on those involved in digital media and social media, and the second on business and leadership topics. Both podcasts independently reached the top slot in the relevant category soon after launching of the NZ iTunes Podcast charts.

More recently we have launched Podcasts NZ – a network to support those producing local podcasts for New Zealand audiences. podcasts added to the roster include the Slightly Correct Political Show and NZ Entertainment Podcast. We are also working to develop local podcast content hubs in other countries with Podcasts Singapore, Podcasts Hong Kong, Podcasts Malaysia and Podcasts Philippines. Bringing all the best local and global content together in 2017 is World Podcasts.

To support the podcasting community in the Asia Pacific region we launched the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference in 2016, with the next event currently being planned.

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Gorilla Voice Media is a division of Gorilla Technology and is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.