war dogs

Have you ever felt stuck? I mean like not stuck in traffic or in a queue. Stuck in your life? Then you think… ‘Am I wasting my life?’

This is exactly the scenario in the new War Dogs film. The story revolves around the boys Jonah Hill (Efraim Diveroli) & Miles Teller (David Packouz), one starts thinking how useless he is in the world, then out of nowhere he gets a call from the past and meets his mate from high school who makes a fortune on gun trading.

Hey bad boy, how about some gun trading business? Now you start seeing dollar signs everywhere. You are just about to become a millionaire at no time! Penthouse in Miami, expensive cars etc. Hell yes! Why would you say ‘no’ to this? All you have to do is to drive through a ‘triangle of death’ to deliver some armour to a Captain of an American Army in Iraq.

Be prepared to step way outside your comfort zone and take risks, lots of risks! Before I went to see that film, I expected it to be super americanised, and it was, very much so. Based on a true story, it reveals all sides and hidden angles of black market in gun trading industry. War is the business. Remember that guys. It’s always been about the business that involves guns, black market, black money, cruelty and endless amount of lives.

I was curious to see how director Todd Phillips would manage to combine humour with reality of War. He did well by involving Johan Hill who was successful in his ‘war’ trading business. He payed his well-deserved price at the end. His ambitions and desire to earn fast to get rich took him a little too far. Little did he know, this was the end of his ‘gun empire’. Miles Teller (David Packouz) was that young man who lost himself, and who was ‘lucky’ to reunite with his ‘armour’ savvy. He definitely gained excessive amount of knowledge about guns and War, but he didn’t realise that this knowledge could put him behind bars.

Phillips showed us how things can end up sooner than you expect whether you are gun traders or the Wolf of Wall Street. I found the young actors handled that game professionally, but not as professional as Leo from The Wolf of Wall Street, who showed us some real game. Think twice or three, or even four times if you really want to give up on your massage skills.

Be smart, earn smart and watch out for those you can’t easily trust, because you can’t trust anybody when it comes to big dollar games. I give it a well-deserved 3.5/5