tarzan yulia

Words & Photo Yulia Podrul

When I heard that David Yates was behind the production for The legend of Tarzan, I couldn’t wait to see the preview release. After directing the last four parts of the remarkable Harry Potter films (a highlight still in the movie industry), I had no clue what to expect from the legendary Tarzan. Considering it is a completely different genre, action & adventure versus mystic fantasy of Harry Potter, it pleasantly surprised me.

The story of Tarzan tells us about love, freedom, fighting for human rights and against slavery. It is so genuine, realistic and inspiring. Not only that, it reveals the truth about cruelty towards African slaves and educates us that human soul cannot be bought with the most expensive diamonds of Africa.

Ladies, you are up for treat. Tarzan is showing off his perfect shapes throughout the whole movie, and that is the best surprise for us all. I’m confident that Alexander Skarsgard (Tarzan) put a lot of effort to run as fast as a cheetah, and that surely would require dedication. Good for him! I can understand why his onscreen wife Jane (Margot Robbie) is married to the wildest, but yet the most attractive creature of the Jungle.

I loved the sceneries of Africa, and that was an absolute highlight for me. Spectacular views that reminded me of The Jungle Book. I loved how both films encouraged us to appreciate what this Earth gives. I am grateful for the film directors who remind us how priceless this gift of nature is in our real life.

I like to read between the lines and to go beyond and above the main storyline. In this particular case I saw a message that speaks to appreciate animals and to protect them from a cruel industrial monopoly, to take care of the weak ones, and not to interfere with jungle life.

Nature never forgets the mistakes that humans create, and Tarzan like a true legend fights his way to punish those humans whose mistakes can never be forgotten. Tarzan speaks for himself, his Jungle family and his love of life.

I encourage to indulge yourself with this beautiful and memorable experience. It is a big tick from me for film wizard David Yates the creator of this realistic jungle fantasy.