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This episode we page homage to NZ movie What We Do In The Shadows by donning vampire teeth, turning off the lights and podcasting in the shadows! Paul and Jennie from metal/rock group Devilskin talk about their new Album “We Rise” (out July 11) and tour, we talk new movies get the spicy lowdown on films with Spicy Pulps’ Samuel Hames, Jarred Tito co-hosts and talks about himself, Peter Peterson talks gaming news, we cover The Modern Maori Quartet TV show Happy Hour, new sci-fi Kiwi film Jake with co-star Anoushka Klaus, DJ Tuini and Jade-Louise from The GC big fight, and hear leaked audio from Auckland band Stormporter and their new single “Sparkle Shimmer Shine”

Guests: Jennie & Paul from Devilskin, Samuel Hames, Jarred Tito, Peter Peterson

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This episode hosted by Wal Reid, engineered by Simon Peterson and Paul Spain is the executive producer. The NZ Entertainment Podcast is published by Global Voice Media – the home of NZ’s favourite podcasts.