words Yulia Podrul

“Come in closer, because the more you think you see, the easier it’ll be to fool you”.

Director Louis Leterrier and his Horsemen return to experiment with things unreal, magical and mysterious. I was holding my breath and my pulse was racing because I knew I was just about to be unexpectedly tricked by the illusionists once again.

You would think that after seeing the excellent first film ‘Now You See Me’ you would have seen all the surprises they prepared for us. I tell you don’t trust your assumptions because I promise you won’t be disappointed. This film will take you to a whole new level of magic and your heart will be pounding hard just like mine.

The Horsemen take their exciting and breath-taking journey to fight tech wizard Walter Mabry (evilly played by Daniel Radcliffe) who has a knack for science. If you believe in a little bit of magic then it will be easy for you to pick the winner in this fight. It was easy enough for me considering how strongly I believe in magic, I even experienced it myself with The Illusionists here in Auckland two years ago when my head almost got chopped off, but that’s another story that I can share with you on one of our podcasts.

Daniel Radcliffe delivered some great acting with a surprise twist of his evil character, not a young Harry Potter any more, the boy has grown up showing high potential here. Of course my favourite Horseman was Dylan Rhodes brilliantly played by Mark Ruffalo. He has so much charisma, charm and attraction that has made him become a powerful and accomplished magician. I can go on about his talents and masculine looks as he is the type of man I’d marry!

To finish off, I’ll introduce you to the first rule of magic: ‘Always be the smartest guy in the room’. Now make yourself comfortable and enjoy the spectacle. Don’t be disappointed when the Horsemen disappear, because they will reappear on your screen very soon. I couldn’t resist some digging and look for more excitement awaiting on the third instalment of ‘Now You See Me’ because I LOVE MAGIC.