love friendsh

words Yulia Podrul

When I hear this or a similar love-titled Hollywood film, I usually tend to go the opposite direction to watch action, dramatic thriller, adventure or science fiction. Cheesy American love stories don’t attract me. But I couldn’t resist when I saw this stunning poster featuring 17th century costumes, it got even better once I discovered this film was based on one of Jane Austen’s epistolary novels Lady Susan.

Starring Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Sevigny, Xavier Samuel and Stephen Fry, this short witty, humorous, at times hilarious film centers on Lady Susan brilliantly played by Kate Beckinsale. She is so smart and charming manages seeing her arrange hers and her daughter’s wedding taking full control with the most intriguing results.

I love her character because she is bringing back to life something that has been lost in our lives-charisma and power, two things a woman could possess over a man with such ease. She is mastering her female charm so well that everybody around her becomes attached to Lady Susan, and they all blindly fall in love with her.

She could easily be an exceptional tutor coaching all young girls how to accomplish their behaviour towards men. I wish girl’s schools had this subject, I’d be delighted to see smarter girls walking on the streets with confidence. I may sound ‘feminist’ but at least that would help to lower our depression rate significantly.

Compared to other Jane Austen novels that are full of drama, broken vows, tears, romanticism, director Whit Stillman, made us all laugh. I noticed some women had puzzled faces once it was over, so there was a definite surprise factor from Lady Susan. Yes Ladies, you all could utilise Lady Susan’s skills in real life, just remember to play it smart and elegant.

I would’ve liked to have more background music, but being fond of 18th century set up, astonishing hair styles and stupendous costumes, I still highly recommend you to see this film, if you don’t appreciate witty humour then at least you will educate yourself.