Scarier than the new Ghostbusters, and maybe just a tad scarier than fellow podcaster Yulia aka The Russian’s dating life. It’s the new James Wan produced scare flick Lights Out, based on the short film by David Sandwick who also directed, and I have to admit it’s not that bad a film with a pretty decent ‘scare count’ along the way.

Aussie actress Tessa Palmer is very likeable as “loose cannon” rebel (with a heart for Heavy Metal icons) Rebecca, her younger brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) starts experiencing freaky goings-on at home with a spooky as Freaky chick called Diana, who just happened to besties with the kids Mum as a child – Great!

What I liked about the film is that it’s action and frights right from the word go, Sandberg’s masterful eye makes you aware when the jump scenes are approaching then battles with the viewer’s imagination, I even found myself jumping once, and I’m not easily scared.

Lights Out is better than your average film of this genre. Think Transformers type good-looking cast mixed with 2014 hit film It Follows and you kind of come close to this David Sandberg debut stunner.

A couple of good cameos worth noting, the young Gabriel Bateman, very convincing as the scared little brother who can see the ghost, his appearance reminded me of another young film kid, Haley Joel Osment in Sixth Sense, while Alexander DiPersia is a cool character as the likeable but stalker-ish boyfriend of Rebecca (He deserves to be after this).

If you are into realistic horrors e.g. The Exorcist or the excellent The Witch it won’t come close, however if you like the good-looking Fast and the Furious type of Hollywood horror films then Lights Out will tick the boxes, and maybe will have you sleeping with the lights on when you get home.