Words Yulia Podrul

“Magical!” That’s what I say when I hear Josh Groban singing.

So talented yet so relaxed and open with his audience, he fully captures the spirit of his acclaimed concerts engaging with each and every one in the audience.

I was lucky to experience true magic on Saturday night when Josh visited NZ for the third time. Watching Josh from the front seats is priceless, he makes you feel so comfortable and even making a lady next to me cry, what more can I say?

I was delighted to hear that he is working on a brand new Broadway musical The Great Comet, which will tell us a beautiful story from that great novel War and Peace by L.Tolstoy. It wasn’t a surprise that I was thrilled to see Josh growing his beard just for this musical, he will be an accomplished Russian hero. To all the lovers of Broadway shows, theatre, and good quality pop music, watch out for this new show.

For me he has the ‘wow’ factor, performing with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra and Auckland Choral, he delivered his songs from the latest album Stages. A few arias from The Phantom of the Opera were performed with Australian Soprano Claire Lyon, completing his concert with his greatest masterpiece You Raise Me Up, lighting up the whole Vector Arena, literally!

Josh Groban is a singer, songwriter, actor and record producer, 15 albums and he still surprises us with wonders. For new listeners this short description of a humble man is enough to understand how he could possibly sell 3 million records at age of 21. The concert for me was almost like when Celine Dion first met this ‘boy with curly hair’

If you missed out on his show this time, make sure to grab your ticket next time he comes back to Auckland. This is a one of a kind concert that must be on your list. Bravissimo